Art and Photography

Artwork & Photography Submission Guidelines

*We will be accepting submissions for Volume 2 Issue 2 until 2:29 am, July 4th 2023

(we were going to cut it off at 11:59pm, July 3rd, but we know ourselves. Midnight is far too early, nothing serious gets done until 2am. Really)

*After 2:30 am, July 4th 2023, submissions will be considered for Volume 2 Issue 3

*All works must be original

*All images will be printed in Black & White

*All images will be printed 8×10 inches or less

*Include a short artist bio of 150 words or less, with up to 3 websites or social media accounts

*Pornographic, excessively violent, or offensive imagery will not be accepted

*Rights to the Images will be retained by the artist

*Submission is not a guarantee of publication

*We are exclusive to New England, with preference towards Merrimack Valley artists

Submit images as a .jpg or .png file via email to: