Submission Guidelines

If you’re here, we are forced to assume you hope to submit to our magazine. You poor, poor soul.

(No, seriously, thank you so much!)

You’ll find more specific details in the menu items below. Here’s a short and sweet version of what we do and don’t want:


  • Cool, weird, quirky, original, and awesome creative works from New England creatives, especially those from the Merrimack Valley
  • All genres, styles, and voices

NOT wanted:

  • Works generated or modified using artificial intelligence. Submission of AI derived works will result in rejection and blacklisting from future issues
  • Extreme violence and pornographic content. If you’re not sure, reach out and we’ll work with you.
  • The Mill Pages strives to be an inclusive publication, and we strongly denounce prejudice of all kinds. Works that depict prejudice are allowed with content warnings, but work that supports or condones such viewpoints will be rejected and the creator will be blacklisted.